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Two more Twombly

I posted previously about Cy Twombly’s work. As I was returning the monograph on him I had back to the library, I scanned two images to share.

The first is a “polyptych in 9 parts” called “Nine Discourses on Commodus” (1963). I’d imagine my interest in it is obvious. Layed out as it is on the page, it fits perfectly into the classic 9 panel comics page. The images themselves even have a certain appearance of sequentiality, not unlike the abstract comics of Trondheim or Molotiu. (Click on the images for large views.)

Twombly's Commodus

The second image also attracted me for its paneled composition. The piece is entitled “Narcissus” (1960). It’s hard to see on the scan, but the boxes at the bottom are labeled “Reflection” I through VI, while the top is labeled “Narcissus.” One can “read” the painting almost like a comic with the large panel at the top and a row of smaller panels at the bottom. I love the diagrammatic stairs.

Twombly's Narcissus