MadInkBeard by DerikBadman

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Maose: A Comic

An autobiographical story about finding a mouse in our apartment. How I was freaked out by it, and how I got rid of it. It is told in the first person both narratively and from its visual perspective. No people (except a page with photo references of three dictators) appear in the comic.

Download PDF Version (FREE) (6MB)

Review of Maose by Shawn Hoke

On the back cover, Derik writes that this was the first mini-comic that he’s made in six years. He should make more.

Review of Maose by Shannon Smith

…The thing I’m most impressed with about this book is that Badman creates a genuine level of suspense using only these static interior drawings and the occasional glimpse of the mouse villain… The book is good but in a ‘oh, that was clever’ way and not an ‘oh, that was fun, let me read it again’ way. I do think Badman’s drawing chops are very strong and I admire his obvious knowledge of the form…