MadInkBeard by DerikBadman

MadInkBeard No.6

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Subtitled, “An Unwitting Collaboration,” this issue is a collage of images and text made from materials received in the mail (or in one or two cases, in person) from a variety of artists. I cropped, resized, recolored (monochromatically), and juxtaposed the images as well as adding a few geometric circles. The text is all taken from words in a letter Allan Haverholm sent me that I chopped up and pasted back together into something new.

I made the issue for SPX 2013 where most of the copies were given out for free (and I’m mailing copies to all the collaborators I didn’t see at the show). I have a very few copies left in print that I can send to you for the cost of postage (let’s say $1 in the US). Contact me if you want one.

The unwitting collaborators are:

Thanks to all of them for sending me stuff and their unwitting participation in this comic.