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MadInkBeard No.2: Supplement

Due to space constraints, I did not include any example images in my essay on photocomics in MadInkBeard No.2. So I’ve created this supplemental page to showcase some of the work I mention. A number of these deserve closer attention (some don’t), but I’m only offering limited samples here (and not always the best or most representative ones because of scanning issues).


Apologies for poor scans/photos and some lack of citation information. Some of these were only available online and some were in a format that was difficult/impossible for me to scan well.

  1. Fumetti from Help! magazine, edited by Harvey Kurtzman. (Don’t know date or issue) Scan from
  2. Page from Star Trek fotonovel. Scan from
  3. Roman-photo page from Nous Deux (older). (specifics unknown)
  4. Roman-photo page from Nous Deux (newer). (specifics unknown)
  5. Page 66-67 from Plissart, Marie-Francoise. Droit de Regards (1985). Les Impressions Nouvelles, 2010. Translated into English as: Rights of Inspection. Monacelli Press, 1999.
  6. Page from Marker, Chris. La Jetée: ciné-roman. New York: Zone Books, 1992.
  7. Page from ibid.
  8. Page from Anderson, Elliot; Lawrence Levy; Michael Vollan. “Going to Heave: a photo-narrative.” TriQuarterly 37 (1976).
  9. Page from ibid.
  10. Page from Turbeville, Deborah. Past Imperfect. Steidl, 2009. More on Turbeville at this site.
  11. Bourdin, Guy. Charles Jourdan advertisement. Paris Vogue (Sep 1973). Scans from
  12. Page from Bourdin, Guy. Photo story. Paris Vogue (Aug 1974). Scans from http://
  13. Page from ibid.
  14. Page 133 from Teulé, Jean. Gens de France et d’Ailleurs (1988, 1993). Ego Comme X, 2005.
  15. Page 96 from Guibert, Emmanuel; Didier Lefèvre; Frédéric Lemercier. The Photographer. First Second, 2009.
  16. Page 116-7 from Schuiten, Francois; Benoit Peeters; Marie-Françoise Plissart. L’Enfant Penchée. Casterman, 1996.