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Essay on: Jaime Hernandez’s Locas

The Hooded Utilitarian is doing a “Best Comics” poll that includes essays on the top ten aggregate results. I wrote the essay for #7 The Locas Series by Jaime Hernandez, which went up today.

Here’s an excerpt:

The stories Hernandez tells are grounded in a contemporary reality (one that, unlike most comics, acknowledges race, sexuality, and class) but are also willing to touch on a host of modes and genres. The early stories are a little too rooted in science fiction-esque adventure, and a recent story delved too long into nostalgic superhero tripe, but for the most part the shifts into the fantastic feel fully integrated with the real emotional drama (and comedy) of his characters, all of whom live and die, love and lose, work and play, and go about their lives in a way that has clearly provided decades of reading pleasure for more than just this fan.

Go read the whole thing (and the other essays that are up).