MadInkBeard by DerikBadman

April 24 2018

Walking before all the cars start coming out in their rush to work, I can best enjoy the birdsongs that have increased in volume and variety over the past weeks. I can’t identify most of them, but an occasional recognizable melody (or sound for the less melodic) jumps out at me as something I know. At times I can even spot the singer up in the trees: yesterday it was a bright yellow goldfinch against the blue sky on a tree still bare of leaves (but starting to sprout I notice); today a red-bellied woodpecker (which I’ve only recently learned is not a red-headed woodpecker despite the prominent red head and the much less prominent red belly that is mostly hidden against a tree) skipping along above my head, pecking at the bark and buds. The varied songs coming from here and there gives me pleasure before the day has really started.