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April 24, 2018 part 2

One of the swallows (not sure what species) I see flitting about catching bugs flew over my head chip-chip-chip-chipping vociferously. I didn’t think it was on my account, so I scanned the area, and there, perched atop a nearby building (a garage structure that is used by someone as a workshop) was the young red-tailed hawk I frequently see about town. His presence was really sounding the alarms. He made a noise that I have now forgotten, the first time I’ve heard him vocalize (one time he did fly so close to my head that I could hear his wings flap), and flew off. Wondering if he knew that not five feet from where he was perched there is a house sparrow nest in what appears to be a fireman’s helmet attached to the wall of the garage.

Here’s the hawk from when he visited my porch with a treat.