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Freedom within Boundaries – Presentation

I spoke in Second Life at Met@Morph, the first annual Web Comics Comic-Con and Conference, on Friday October 3rd (today). My presentation was called “Freedom within Boundaries: the Theory and Practice of Constraint in Comics.” I only had 20 minutes so it’s a fairly shallow look at the topic. You can see the slides here (1mb pdf).

Unfortunately, Verizon disconnected my internet connection while I was presenting. Fortunately, I did a rough run through the night before and made up a slide plus audio version for those who didn’t make it to the event. Should be viewable below:

[Edit: 10/4/08 11:05am: This may be broken right now. Edit: 11:43am: I think it’s fixed. You could also go here to see it.]

[Edit (10/08/08): Per Isaac’s request, here are links to everything from the presentation. Items that aren’t webcomics are links to the record in WorldCat.]