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Fragments of Photorealism

Half of Fragment 4

Here’s the third of an unconnected series of three minicomics. This one has been waiting in my “ideas” folder for quite awhile. But a recent spate of photorealist comic strip readings finally gave me the raw materials I needed. I wanted to recreate in some small way the fragmented papyrus of Sappho, where her poems are often just a word or two, or a single word per line. This was also an educational experience from looking so closely at the way these three cartoonists (Leonard Starr, Alex Raymond, and Stan Drake) drew. My opinion of Drake, in particular, has grown enormously.


Download Free PDF (6MB) (PRINT VERSION)

This is a DIY minicomic. Print it out (laser printer is best so you don’t lose some image at the margins) and put it together yourself. If you really don’t want to, email me and I can send you it along with the purchase of one of my other comics. Here are some instructions (since the pages aren’t numbered, know that the text is the cover and the one strip that goes all the way through the gutter is the middle spread):
Instructions for putting together the comic.