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Archiving this blog

After over 15 years of frequent and then hardly ever posting on this blog, I’ve decided to shut it down to start anew elsewhere. I’m not deleting the site, I will leave all the current posts up as archives and plan to maintain the urls so any existing links don’t break (except external links to images, those will break). I’m converting the whole WordPress set-up into static html pages for better long term security and simplicity.

In it’s place I’m starting up something new, over at my other, hardly used, domain I’ve been writing a daily journal, and I’m going to post excerpts from it on some kind of rolling basis, as well as adding some link posting. I say “excerpts” because there are some things I won’t want to share. I’m hoping the switch will allow me to be a little more free when writing casually about what I’m reading (or watching or what have you). But there will also be me just writing about whatever is happening in my life, or things I see, or what I’m thinking about. So, basically an old school blog. I’ll also be using a static site generator instead of blogging software, at least for now. Basically, I’ll generate the pages on my desktop and then just upload html pages to the server. No database, no php.

I’ve get the journal up for almost two months, so when I post the site there will be some archives. I’ve written about a bunch of comics and books and some movies, as well as my ongoing role-playing games and… other stuff. The site will be set-up so you can select topics and be able to hide which topics you don’t care about.

Right now there this is just a almost completely empty home page at and an empty feed at

Once I get things going I will try to redirect the feed, and possible the home page of this site.

Thanks for reading, if there is anyone left reading.