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24 Hour Comic 2013

This page will be updated as I process and format more of this comic (and hopefully offer a print version).

For 24 Hour Comics Day (October 5 2013) I wrote a program to generate a 24 page comic every hour of the day (570 pages total). The program is a combination of php, javascript, and html, using the Flickr API for photographs, a bunch of epub files for text, and the HTML canvas api (via javascript) for drawing. The program was activated every hour of the day on 24 hour comics day by a separate program on my desktop (I was actually at the shore for that weekend).

Further explanation will be forthcoming.

Digital version of the hours:

Hour 1 (2013-10-05 00:00) (5.4mb pdf)
Hour 2 (2013-10-05 01:00) (3.4mb pdf)

(The pdfs are best read as 2 page spreads.)