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9th Bloggiversary

Today is the ninth anniversary of the first blog post at (that first post has been deleted for awhile now, and before the blog there were statics pages since 2002). Posting has slowed a lot over the years. The past year was pretty lightweight in that respect. Most of the comics writing I did was posted elsewhere. On the other hand, I’ve posted more comics in the past year than in any previous year (not to mention all the ones posted to my Tumblr that haven’t made it onto the main site (yet?)).

I recently redesigned the site (if you didn’t notice) to be simpler and easier to read (I hope). It’s also fully (I think) responsive so that it should read equally well on large or small screens (I’ve come a long way in that respect, my original site was best viewed at 800×600 in IE!). While I was doing that I also streamlined the archives some. A number of posts are now gone (so much so that there aren’t any left from 2003 when I started the blog). You can see the (now much easier to browse) full list of written (ie not comics) posts here (or click “writing” in the header). That’ll give you the quick overview of posts from the past year.

The past year saw the release of issues 2-5 of my MadInkBeard series. As well as a whole bunch of short comics that might be worth revisiting.

Recently I started writing monthly posts about every comic I read in the month (expect April’s edition in about 2 weeks), and I’ve been hard at a work on a browser based comic generator (lots of in-progress samples on my Tumblr). I’m also about to start work on two publications that will be published by someone other than me(!), and probably should be thinking about MadInkBeard No.6 (for which I have no plan yet).

And, hey, if you missed the long essay I posted recently, go back one post and check it out.