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Marsh Composition and Color

Jesse Marsh from Tarzan #4

From Tarzan #4 (Dell, 1948), art by Jesse Marsh. (Read the full issue.)

This panel jumped out at me for its simple geometric composition. A few colored planes, one in front of the other, in a cascade from left to right off the page (this is the last panel on the page). The exception to this is the word balloon which requires it’s own space and is nicely pointed out by the thick black lines that comes down the side of the rock and then forms a “V” as a shadow on the bush. Each plane has a single color reserved for it that blend or contrast nicely. Beautiful black markings from the wispy lines at the left to the feathered stroke on the rock and the grass. “Boy” though in a prominent place compositionally, mostly blends in with the background, he is almost part of the scenery.