MadInkBeard by DerikBadman

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MadInkBeard No.1

This is the first issue of what I hope to be a quarterly series of my comics (and, in future issues, writing). This issue is in the classic pamphlet format printed by the fine folks at RA Comics Direct.


“MadInkBeard #1 is not for the casual comic book reader” –Grant Thomas at Poopsheet Foundation

“There is a pleasing balance to the way this book is laid out. I appreciate the formalism. The comics themselves are a mash-up of appropriated image and text. A collage. For example, Badman will borrow text from Thoreau and images from an old romance comic and combine them to make a “new” four-panel narrative. There is a nice tension between the two borrowed items because Badman is redrawing and rewriting the sources in his own hand. By filtering the sources like this something new is indeed created. These are quite beautiful, deceptively simple comic strips that “work” on multiple levels. Comics truly are collage – as Badman points out in his introduction – but this approach to making is something that is undervalued somehow in comics. It is refreshing to see Badman’s rigorous academic approach come across so simply and beautifully in the execution of the idea.” –Frank Santoro at The Comics Journal

$1 for drm-free CBZ file.

Here are a few sample pages: