MadInkBeard by DerikBadman

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Free Minicomic

[They are all gone now. I’ll post a digital version in a week or so (after the mailed copies have likely been delivered).]

Download the Minicomic as a 1.2MB CBZ File (Note: each of the originals had a different cover, this scan is of the copy I kept for my archives.)

I learned this morning that it is apparently Minicomics Day. So, naturally I made a minicomic (8 pages plus a cover, ~4″ x ~5.25″). Created it (mostly remixing images and text from comics I’ve made in the past year), layed it out, printed it, folded, cut, stapled, signed, and numbered. Now I’m giving them away! Send my your address, and I’ll send you a copy, while supplies last (at this point I think I have 10 of the original 20 left). It’s just a short comics poem, nothing too fancy.