My Best Comics of 2009

I’m trying to stick to a list of ten, all of which actually came out in 2009 (if not necessarily made in 2009). I probably missed a couple things that might make this list had I gotten to read them. This might be my first best of list that doesn’t include Jaime Hernandez (not a big fan of the latest L&R superhero nostalgia story) but I’ve got a few other repeat artists from last year.

In no particular order, with links to my posts on the books (where possible):

(Those last two entries are not single works, but all are short enough that I don’t feel I’m breaking any rules by combining them.)

Other potential candidates:

  • Ganges 3 by Kevin Huizenga (Fantagraphics): Haven’t seen this yet.
  • Proper Go Well High by Oliver East (Blank Slate): Don’t have a copy yet.
  • The Photographer by Emmanuel Guibert (First Second): Haven’t gotten a chance to reread this
  • Twentieth Century Boys by Naoki Urasawa (Viz): I’ve only read the first two volumes, so I’m not sure about this series yet.
  • Dash Shaw’s Mome short stories: I’m expecting the new collection of these soon, then I’ll be motivated to reread them.

Maybe this list would look different in a month, maybe not. Either way, these are all books I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that you read.